First, are we a good fit?

There are plenty of designers out there you could hire, and plenty of clients out there that could hire me. But not everyone is compatible to work together. I only work with clients who have already pre-qualified themselves based on the list below.

If you can answer YES to all of the questions, I’m looking forward to working with you! If your answer is NO to most of the questions, we may not be a good fit. And that’s okay. Contact me anyway, let me know where you’re stuck, and if I can’t help, I’m sure I’ll be able to connect you to another colleague.

In my experience, those that answer YES to the questions below are able to achieve exponentially more for their business than those that answer NO. I want to work with clients who want more and trust me to help them achieve it.

Answer Yes or No: 

  • I want more customers or clients.
  • I want myself and my business to be more profitable.
  • I want more exposure.
  • I won’t be skeptical of new ideas.
  • I’m ready to break out of old paradigms and go to the next level in my business.
  • I’m ready to trust the experience of those I hire to help me.
  • I’m happy to compensate those I hire to help me make more money.

Did you answer YES to the questions above? If so, let’s get started! Call (615) 375-6375 or (336) 693-4311, e-mail me at, or send a message in the form below. 

Ande Truman
(336) 693-4311
(615) 375-6375

PayPal, Checks, and Cash are acceptable forms of payment. For PayPal, send to Please make checks out to Andrea Truman Design.

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