Direct Supervisor


I’m writing to recommend Ande Truman to you. I worked closely with Ande from November 2008 to November 2009, when she served an internship with our non-profit organization in Trnava, Slovakia. Half of that year I served as her teammate and the second half as her immediate supervisor. In our context, work life is difficult to separate from personal life—we live in close community, and our relationships are typically more comprehensive than ordinary work relationships in the US. My recommendation grows out of this close—and sometimes intense—working relationship, as well as the friendship we developed.

Ande has a zeal for excellence. I have met many people who talk about excellence, but few who deliver it as consistently as she. From the most ordinary tasks (such as creating posters each week to advertise events or cooking dinner for guests) to those more sophisticated (designing a multimedia TEFL workshop) to those well outside her comfort zone and the normal scope of her duties (recruiting, training, and leading a band for an English camp), Ande demonstrated professionalism, commitment, and a perfect unwillingness to settle for “good enough.”

Ande also has an eye for beauty, and an uncanny ability to make the most mundane things seem charmed. For example, on January 1st we went for a hike on a foggy winter day across muddy fields and through a naked forest. When we came back and she showed me her pictures, I wondered whether we had been on the same dreary hike—she found perspectives and colors and patterns and objects that I simply overlooked. And that characterizes much of my experience with her—surprising, often in delightful ways.

She shows sincere concern for others, which was crucial in our relationally intense environment.

Please carefully consider hiring Ande—I’m sure she will not disappoint you.

Most sincerely,

Kris Lundgaard
Team Leader
The Building