Colleague & Client


Ande Truman is a pleasure to work with! She’s the type of person who gets the job done and thinks past the job requirements. She consistently thinks how can we make this better? She’s also proficient in web development, graphic design, photography, and video tools. Coupled with her experience in marketing, social media marketing, and fund raising, Ande is a dynamite asset to any company. In fact, she’s so capable and hard working that she’s grown her own flourishing businesses. One in particular, is a reputable site attracting visitors from all over. It provides healthy eating recipes at low cost. She’s recently upgraded her blog style site to a refreshing and stylish online magazine, employing writers from all over! Ande is a go-getter, idea generator, mover and shaker, very artistic, and always in the mood to learn new things!


Paul Gentilini
Construction Marketing at Green Branch Construction, Inc.